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Estate Planning


“I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens” – Woody Allen

This quote from Woody Allen while comical to read, is probably the main reason why more than half of adult Americans do not have a Will. It is an easy thing to ignore, which is what most people do- until they can’t. With offices in Syracuse and Baldwinsville, NY, DeFio Law Firm demystifies the process. At DeFio Law Firm, we demystify the process. Regardless of the size of your estate or your age, a well thought out and drafted estate plan is one of the cornerstones of anyone’s financial plan. It is not just about ensuring that your property will be received by the right people, but that it will be done so in the most efficient manner possible. If you have minor children, naming guardians for those children and Trustees for their funds are essential.

From simple bequests to the complex tax matters, DeFio Law Firm can help you to properly plan and manage your estate, bringing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Regardless of the size of your estate, estate planning is an increasingly important matter as we age. It allows you to ensure that your property will be received by the beneficiaries you want and securing the financial stability of those you leave behind.


Often times Trusts can be an essential tool in managing, transferring, and in some instances protecting assets. However, Trusts are not always the right solution for everyone. It takes an attorney experienced in trust law to properly explain the various types of trusts. What is the difference between Irrevocable and Revocable Trusts? Which trust is right for me? Do all Trusts avoid probate? Which Trust will protect my assets from long term care costs? Which type of Trust do I need for a child with special needs? These are the types of questions that DeFio Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to answer.

Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Proxies

Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney can be one of the most important documents in your estate planning toolkit. That is because if you should lose capacity, only a properly executed Power of Attorney can give a person the legal permissions to help you with your affairs. This is even true between spouses, as often times a Power of Attorney is necessary for a spouse to access or obtain vital information about retirement accounts or life insurance policies.

Health Care Proxy. Similar to a Power of Attorney, appointing the right person to make medical decisions for you under a well prepared Health Care Proxy is not only responsible, it’s often seen as a gift to the family members who have to make those difficult decisions. Giving the right person the proper direction regarding your wishes can make a difficult situation a little easier on your loved ones.

Probate and Post Death Administration

After the death of a loved one, this is often the most confusing and emotionally charged time for a family. Having an attorney experienced in the matters of probate, estate administration and taxes can be essential. At DeFio Law Firm we can help sort out the complexities associated with the death of a loved one and provide the family with a road map for the whole process- so that the stress of the unknown is gone and the healing can start.

At DeFio Law Firm, we are dedicated to approaching your legal matter from a personalized, knowledgeable and compassionate place. We understand that every case is unique, and we strive to work to fit the needs of every client we serve. To learn more, contact us by calling 315.488.7339